Naysaa Securities Limited

Naysaa Securities is a professionally managed firm, that offers investment advisory services and investment-related tools and services for Indian Stock Market. Naysaa Securities has been formed to enable investors to gain maximum out of Indian Stock Market.

Naysaa Securities Limited has rich of experience in Indian Stock Market and we utilize our experience for our client’s profits. Our clients are our main assets and their’s profit is our’s profit.

Anantya Farms

Anantya means eternal and that sense of continuity is exactly what we’ve tried to achieve here. An oasis of verdant lawns, serene sunsets, and tranquil surroundings, Anantya Farm is a home and a labor of love for us. Replete with surprises at every corner, the space unfolds like a blossoming flower.

One can choose to go on peaceful walks, dip in the pool, exercise the muscles, engage in yoga, badminton, cricket, or football, or simply just be. The only thing you will not feel like doing is going home.

Salud The Gastropub

A rare find in a city full of watering holes. A place that offers you a combination of great food, fantastic music, and of course innovative cocktails.

A place that will become your go-to place for chilling after work or a relaxing Sunday brunch. A place where you can let your hair down and feel at home.

A place we all come together again and again to say cheered to life and cheers to happy times. SALUD !!
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